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Happy International Womens day.Cheerleader CCa is out!

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Happy International Womens day 🙂

Changed my above picture AGAIN. This time thanks to my babeey girl-lan2 to help me edit the picture.It turn out to be quite small,but as long as still recognize my face can ler..ahhaha.
Get our Poa,English & Physics Holiday Homework today x(
I must get it done before my mum come.Physics project is quite confusing,hope I can passed the projects.Cuz if we pass (voted by teachers & classmates on Moodle) we gt $10 popular voucher for EACH person.Then,if we lead in our creativity we gt our $5 Mc Donalds coupons 🙂 .I paired up with vikki on this project.Vote for our project hor!
This project doesnt include in any marks though,thats y they give such a price.Thanks Mr Chan! Today,forget to go for my cheerleading practise!ARGH sorry~ I will go next week.
So,say hello to BeattySec Cheerleading Team!.Yup,yup ma girls already ask the CCA department about it,and they see lotsa girls wan to join it so they allow lor. HAHHAS !
Bought the 2 fillings waffel again,im getting addicted with it.
Novi inspired me to improve on my english,thanks yea 😀 .I also wanted to buy the thesaurus that she bought it today.Arghh,she so hardworking all the bestto you NOVI!


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