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Crispy & yummy Waffel just make my day!

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Hey..Sylvie’s just back from school after accompanying Mega to buy birthday cakes.She also bought a 2-fillings waffel for herself and the waffle is crispy and yummy 🙂
Get back our overall scores for this term,Risa’s percentage is like so high!.Shes also a prodigy in maths.So envy envy~!
Sylvie’s completed her first ever three rounds of run today 🙂
Okay,its supposed to be 4 rounds but she cant take it anymore but to stop and cool down for awhile.Risa ran so fast,is she a cheetah or wad?o.O
Get back our physics results,surprisingly i passed! x) gonna work hard for the next term!
After school,Risa bully me ! *cries* she poke my stomach again !.This time,she take my tie and tie here and there hmph!,but i keep laughing for no reason aso,cas she tie me till so tight then my heart and liver all came out.WAHAHAS x) donate me ur liver and heart leh people!
Oh,and its atiqah birthday today,so HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂
I didnt get to eat the cakes x( ,well at least i managed to drink something there.HEHES
Lan2 is getting freak out by this sec 1 girl frm art club,whom she didnt even know who she is.Every morning this girl will smile so unsweetly and raise up her head as if like Eminem saying “yo”.She didnt say a word,she just smile and left,her maid accompany her until she go to her class safely and soundly,how sweet 🙂
So anyway,I was freak out by her “yo” smile,as its quite scary.No offence,but it is.Lan2 is crazy about the “true colours” song and she kept sang it to me.Her voice is okay to me but trust me,you dont wanna listen to it xP ahahhaha!
“…and I see your true colours shining trugh…” *oops the ants infront of my keyboard juz died when it listen to my voice.Its not my voice rite people?o.O
CSS2 is coming soon,BEatty sec people!Join css2 now!
Poke Risa!.Then all her inside stomach came out.weees x).Cook her and bite her,then lastly SYLVIE WIN!WOHOO RISA LOSE!

off i go to sleep 😛 .


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