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The Mos Burger’s Mugger

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Sylvie went to school kindaa early these few days,cause the 145 bus came so early now.Well,anyway I took the first 145 bus which is around 06.30am xP.My skirt is getting so loose now,gonna buy the smaller size one.
Mos Burger say hello to the muggers!
Lan & I went to Mos burger to have a meal 🙂 and studyyy maths!
I ordered a Salmon fish Burger meal xD.Lan2 ordered a Rice Ebi Burger meal.
Eat finish liao,we study.Then study for awhile,the aircons all becoming colder and colder so we ordered a CORN SOUP!YUMMY AND HOT!

Then I check Lanny’s backview of strawberryshortcake foolscap paper,


p/s;thanks for teaching me the amaths!*appreciated*


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