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Sylvie completed her DIY creation!

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Hey peeps!

Next week is like already March holidays,time flies really fast huh..,
So anyway,yesterday my mom told me that she will be coming to sg around 14march 😀
Then,she also wanted me & my maid to accompany her to KL,sunway,to visit my older brother.And yes,I agrees x)! .
Btw,today school we get to see our results back.I think I did pretty badly on this term,I will back up and tries to score well !.English compo was a disaster,I wrong too many in tenses and all,thus I failed.When I do the corrections,I really went to do it untill very neat and long.So the teacher was impressed and let me hand up the Grammaer builder tmrw! x) thanks Mrs Loo!.
Okay,I bought this DIY thingy for quite some time ago,cas I thought its quite cuteyy or sth.

So within 2days,without any help.I managed to finish it!,well I didnt do the curtain,I put up my very own picture instead xP .So here is the results!


ahhaha well,im out.


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