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long post,the late night outs.March’s Birthday gal & boi

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Quite a long time since I post an uber long post,like how usually I posted somethings.

Well,since Im bored and really have the-mood to update my blog.Heres an update 😀
Happy birthday to my dearest babeey lanni 😀
After school she treated us to sakae sushi,and its a buffets!.So we can take watever sushi we like,except for the red plates( which look the most delicious ones).Then we ordered an udon,the udon wasnt that bad,but I prefer to eat the sushi ONLY.Cause,its a sushi-buffet afterall.After that,we went to watch our first-ever-watched NC16 movie in cinemas!.The rest of our dearest friends has left.

So yeah,we watched that movie,and its so not sexy!.The trailer look as if the movie really funny,but its not..Its about love and money,the fat girl act as a hateful character.How sad :(,i love her you know.

After the show,we went to people’s park and I accompanied Lanny to go check ups.Then,went to buy some goodies there,ate something $1.90 (it contains nasi lemak,maling,eggs,fish,and ikan bilis).We cabbed home after that.
p/s;hope ya love the vids lan2.Love ya~.

It was Ys & Yousung birthday,nothing happened much though.Cause they planning to celebrate it on saturday.Babeey lan2 is late today!,she overslept and wake up around 07.15am.Luckly,she still come to school.*CHEERS*
HFC was fun,we chatted about some stuff.
Then,after chatted got nothing to do.So Peiwen and Vikki ask me to sit down on a chair and they spin me around 10 times.Somemore,they ask me not to close my eyes.Then when they stop spinning me,I tried to stand up.Yes,I did stand up for like 3s then I fall down coz I got no balance at all!.My body fall on its own..
Vikki bullier!.Poke my stomachh.COOK YOU!!!!!!
Meet ups with lanny and shops somethings in Orchad.Bought new bags!Finally~!We come to orchad untill we ownself bored of it.So I bring Lanny to Velocity,novena..the situasion there is like a manga dua,but its nice after it had gone through the renovasion!.

Meet ups with Sammie and the guys.
We ate steamboat at MarinaBay,haha we can eat all we like,but cant have a remainings.Cuz they weigh 100g/$5.Then WL dont know what happened to him,he angry cuz someone messed up his drinks.Then he went home,Byes~.
After eaten full,we quickly cao and we rushed like hell to toilet.Luckly,theres a clean toilet at superbowl 😀
Then we play arcade, Wl come back again,we girls wanted the marie dolls.Then always failed to get it,arthur manage to catch one for his sis though 🙂
We realised that we spent quite a number of money in arcade so off we go to superbowl,to do some bowlings.I dont dare to throw the balls,it damn heavy and scared that I will roll with the balls.Anyway thanks for lending me the shoe 🙂
Nato a.k.a Changwei win the game 😀
After bowlings off we go to play pools/billiard.
The billiard was fun and nice,loves it.Then around 12am we finding taxi,having a hard time finding then,we no choice but to call a taxi.We call 2 cabs.
Then reacheed home xP
Last but not least,Happy birthday to WAILEONG AND YOUSUNG!


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