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Outings with my father!.It was Uber fun!

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Just back after shopping with my father & also accompany by my maid 😀
Have our lunch at home,then we getting ready and off we go to Mustafa Centre.Mustafa things is cheaper than the one sold in FairPrice,or any other outlets.Its cheaper by $10.SERIOUS!.
Reached Mustafa,have a walk see here and there.And Bought a vcd of “Devils Wear Prada”,then bought some foods and all that.
After walk tired liao,my father went to the electronics section to buy my MP4 !.Yes he did buy it for me,I was so surpirse.Well actually its for my birthday present,thanks Mum & dad for my BELATED sweet 16 birthday present,totally in lurve with it.Oh and we got a free speakers!. My new mp4! It look like somekind of handphone though.I love it!Welcum to ma lifee mp4~~

The free speakers! I love this speakers,it ha a clear sound and even bass!

Then it was so hard to find a taxi in that area,we spent almost 1hr JUST to search for the damn taxis..In that 1hr,I was freakin tired and bored so I took this pictures xP


My father was like so blurr too~

After that we decided to go to the neareast MRT (we just realised it tho,) then went to have our early dinner at Pepper lunch express 🙂
Then we walk walk,bought my new pencil box,earrings and hairband.(p/s the hair band is damn ex RAR!).I found the bag that I wanted,but it was a sling bag and I also not so sure to buy it.I really want a new bag ASAP! xDMy new earr pierced 😀
Tomorow morning my father went to Jambi,Indo.He said I no need accompany him,coz its too early at 7am.Hikzz…why he must go back so early?.Btw I really enjoy the time since he come to sg.Oh and btw I have not been studying a single stuff,so I gonna sleep early tonight and wake up in the morning to study tomorow!.Tomorow will be a better day!

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