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Im just back frm both Velocity and Vivocity.I asked my father to take picture together with
me,he dont want 😦 .Hes kindaa shy and doesnt like to take pics in public,then he ask me to take picture of myself.I was like…We shoppp!.We eaatt!.Bought quite a lot of stuffy today 😀
Today days kindaa go well with me,nothin wrong or special.Oh and I dislike the assembly period.
Well,Im tryin my new phone camera and I took these pics today and yesterday night.I feel like sharing with y’all my creativity of taking pictures~.ENJOY!

haha i know its kindaa retarded xD.Im off now!CIAO!

p/s ;yes I hate you and No I dont care your feelings to me coz u dont even MATTER to me.So scold wad you like weirdo..try me,i `welcome` you 🙂 .I dont care people who dont matter to me.


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