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Her sadness,she hide it.

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yes I’m sad.And no its not about hp tingy.
Today I thought XiaoYan (my tutor) is coming,coz I lost her number and I cant remember when is the next time I see her.I only remember that,i like to say;”Later I sms you.”.But I remember that she say she will come on wednesday,or izzit next wednesday?.Err..I really hope she would come..I will wait for the confirmation.If she never come next wed *touch wood* then I think I will find a new tuition teacher and I hope I will find a good one by then.Okay,its not the matter that she nver come upset me..Is because she really is a GOOD tutor.Is kind of wasted,and Is all because I lost my hp.Sigh,I dont think ya guys understand me,its really sadden me alot!.
Today school release earlier than before 10am.Then have our GEOG test,Im shocked to see that theres a map coz I memorise lotsa stuff and it didnt came out.Somemore Mrs Koh collect back our Geog note book!.Siao rite..how we memorise lols..Just hope I can pass.Collect myEmaths test and I passed!Heng..Just pass nia.Nvm at least i nvr fail 🙂
Babeey lan-lan send me this neoprint that we took quite some time ago..its cute !

Tomorow going to Vivo city with my father!.Gonna take and upload lotsa pics!.


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