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Welcome to Sg father :D

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My father come to sg today 😀
So Me & my maid went to fetch him at around 13.30pm,not long later we saw my father came out.And then blablabla..I get my new phone!z610i!
Cabbed taxi and we went home,when we reached home my father wanted to go out eat.So we went to Bishan to have a bite,who knows that Bishan food court is like CLOSED.In the end,we eat at both Mos burger & KFC.Im so full at that time x(
Then actually I was planning to go singtel there,to claim my old hp number.But yet…it closed.So we walk walk and walk…from singtel building until we reached Plaza sing..How incredible we are huh?..
So yeahh..long story to go..lazy type.Im so sleeepy and tired now!.And uhm..I wonder how am I going to memorise my Geog tingy.Is like,since my father is here I must walk2 with him mah..right?L0ls this is my fatherr!.LOVE HIM LOADS!
Me with my new z610i!I love this phone loads!.

This is the Vday and birthday presents from my friends in Indo.They asked my father to bring it here,in sg just for me!.Thanks you guys~


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