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Say Good-bye to my ever beloved companion,N90 :'( i lost it.

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Happy chinese new year peeps!.

Morning wake up quite late around 09.30am,then I quickly online msn coz my maid tell me that lan2 got call me before.Then,I dressed up and get ready all those to go to TPI to meet lan2,and WL.The trafiic was so packed!and I waited for the bus for like 20mins!.Its so hot somemore okay..!.By the time I reached there,they was like already waited me for so long!HEheh paiseh kay x).
Then we straight away went to Police station.In case u guys r wondering why did I go to the police station.Is to report the lose of phone..yes is my phone and yes Im sad.Okay is a disaster to my class actually and I dont wan to talk about it any further.So yeah..police station was quite small,anyway I report to this girl call wendy shes nice and cute.I told her all the information needed and I managed to actually tell her wat is the correct IMEI number of my phone!.Hope to find the culprit soon!.Seriously,I dont care much about my phone though,I onli care about my sim card!.I use the number for 4yrs!and all my contacts is inside!.HAiz nvm its over shall forget about it..theres no use thinkin any further..Just make me even more sad..

So yeahh..after from the police station we went to orchad-starbucks to have a Javachips!Is sooo nice and cooling..I totally lurves it!.Anyone who havent tried Javachips shld try to give a taste on it!.
After that we went around orchad shopping!I did bought the top shirt from topshop,and I love it so much..Thanks to my babeeey lan2 for recommended it!.But topshop size all so big!.Lan2 also did bought a sleeveless ones too~.
Lunch at Yoshinoya 😀 .
Beef bowl meal for lan,Salmon meal for me,Teriyaki chicken meal for wl! .OISHI!
Went to cine after that,planning to watch movie at first..but then no mood and theres aso no nice movie available.Somemore all shop close down so fast!.So since lan2 wanted to swim,then I also agree..so we ended up goin to my house to swim!.But before that,went to Lan2 house first to take her stuff.We had a hard time finding taxi in Lan2 house,then we ended up singing and laughing!.HAHAS!
When reach my homie,we chatted away first and Wl is like playin maple with my laptop -_-;;.
After chatted,I and lan went downstairs to swim 😀
haaha it was such a rare experience!.
After swimming we cleaned up ourselves in my bathroom,it was so funnyyyy!I keep on laughing when I was doing lan hair xD.I forget at my home theres many types of fireworks that we can on self go burn want.If i remember it will be such a fun experience.
Around nighttime then they went home,and then I ate my realy really big dinner..I was really FULL!Swimiin pools craziee momeents!at my roomie balcony xDthanks for making this picture untill so cute!.Lovee my babeey lan2 ❤

Oh and yesterday night,my mum asking me what phone I want.Then,I cant possibly say is N95 right?.I scared if I buy phone so ex later lost/stolen again!.But then My mom say;”U want N95/N93i?”.I was like”…Mom..”.Then I said I want Sony Erissoon z610i.Then today afternoon she call me she said she already bought it.I was quite shocked at first.Thanks MOM!.Just now she call me and she said that she won a motorola LATEST phone!.Coz now she celebrating CNY in a Hotel ballroom..then got luckydraw..then she kana..So lucky hor!.Anywae tmrw my father coming yay!and I will be going to the singtel shop to claim my Old number..wish me all da best kay..?.I very scared actually..Anywae this is the phone that my mom just bought!


Thanks to all my friends too who conforted me when I cried at class,as I,and others discover the Hp lost/get stolen.That is the first time or probably the last time I cried in school.Others cheer up too :).Mr singh & Mr VP are so dumb they cant be trusted for handling this case .DUMMY SINGH and VP!.And again thanks my mom!.Oh and my bro call me on valentine day,which is also my birthday..to wish me a Happy Vday and Birthday!That was so sweet of him!.Thanks Bro!. Thanks Wl for accompany us the whole day!.


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