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Simple 16th Birthday

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First of all
Right,so today is my sweet-sixteen :D.Celebrated in the canteen with the whole classmates !.Coz they aso celebrated the JAN,FEB,& MARCH babies and soo we got the cakes xD.And they celebrated it right on my birthday which is-today.
Okies let the picture do the talk now!


Left to right,Wang lau shi,Mr.Desmond Chan,Mdm Ng.Mr chan is s cutee 😀

Mr Tan,hahaa he have a very strong fatherly look lols ! HOT HOT!xP Our formie teacher,Mrs Sho.Shes so shy awwww 🙂WL is soo pitifull 😦 kana bullied by the whole class!

Went to swenses after the celebration in canteen is over 😀

After ate finished,we watched the “EPIC MOVIE” its hilarious,sexy and hot show.Too bad we are rushing at that time,so we missed some excitin part like Parishilton part!URGH!xD.I enjoyed it very much lolS.

Sat and chatted while we sittin at the 145 bus stop,so well then blablabla and here Im home.



I love all the roses that u guys gave me.Thanks a Million!

Oh and btw FengWei surprised me a lot by giving me this DeathNote book as my present.I mean I love the Note alott and thinkin to buy it soon,ahahah then he gave me.So happy,thanks FengWei!

Btw,this Deathnote is so coolll 😀 theres like the deathnotebook Rules and how to use all those.Then thes Kira/Yagami Light handwrittings!L also mentioned inside!.THANKIESS!Ilove itt. Ohh and AJ gave me a very cute handmade birthday cardd!Thanks AJ!.Thanks all too~!


THANKS liying+peiwen for the flower 🙂
THANKS Risa for the cutie EEYORE dolls.
THANKS Susanti for the Monokuro-Boo wallet and Hp thingy!
THANKS arthur + wl for the big rose,much appriciated xD
THANKS `Y` for the movie tickets.

THANKS Aj for the handmade card.

Thanks FengWei for the Deathnote bk.
Thanks Sean for the rose.
Thanks Daniel for the gift,loves it!
Thanks cherish+lilin+winnie for the teddy bear+flower
Thanks HuiHUi+Jee kheng+sammie for the chocolate

Thanks Babeey lan for the `precious moments` gift
Thanks RIzvana + Deanna for the choco!
Thanks the class for the cake and singing aloud!
Thanks to many people who shook my hand and wish me 😀
Thanks to those people who came to Swenses!

So thanks to all my friends who wished me Happy Birthday and gave me presents and all those.

Thanks guys!.You guys brighten up my daysss!

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