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Has been a reallly tough week for me.Friday we r havin ss test & chinese test.Hope our class can pass the express chinese test!.SS test was like an asignment,so little marks.On this comin tuesday is my chemistry test,and on wed is my E maths testt!!RAR!I began to miss my sec 1 life.

Anyway,I have cancelled my tuition for this teacher as she is soo dont know how to teach one.So yeahh,today was so bored and I went out with my babeeeyy lan2.We’re like searchin for movies on the internet,and all the movies was mostly NC16 and M18.RAR!I mean c’mon this year I & lan also 16 alreadyy..Well anyway in the end we decided to watch Miss potter.Its tottally a true story,but dont like it though.We waited for the movie for almost 2hrs and we gt nthin to do so we t0ok this neoprint!and it have damn cute animation background !~
So..after watched the movies,went to suki-ramen to have our dinner 🙂
The people there is soo damn pathetic,they didnt give us a spoon and fork!Instead they gave us this super big stupid retard spoon.And after that,Lani sis came 😀 ahha i totaly love her hair!PERMED hair always look soo damnn good!.Then walk to lotsa shops,tried lotsa clothes.
Lastly we went to Starbucks to have our nice javachips and lani sis’s caramels coffee!.We sat on a thick-comfortable sofa!YAY!LOVes it!
OH did I meantioned that I already bought new coloured contact lenses,lanny help me choose the colour and that is….GROOVY GREEN!yeahh..but the green is a dark kindaa green so is not that obvious :).UPLOADING MY PICS TODAY x)

BAH!haha..I make quite a scary ghost huh?
Theres no pose with Lani sis ahha xD .I would love to take one with her though,I too shy xP
I stayed back for HFC,HFC is so damn relaxing okay..it is nw one of the popular cca liao,theres like about 75 ppl inside.So after warmin up which is run around the whole school for 2 rounds,we sat at the PE store room.I asked Mr neo whether i can use the speaker to hear my mp3 music,he said sure,why not.So at the PE room we r like hearin music,eatin and chattin ahah so damn fun 😀 .Releaed at 16.30 but we chatted away at the canteen~ahhaa till about 2 hrs later then we left.

VIkki so damn cute at this pose.Cameramen is myself 😀

So anyway,someone has gave me this birthday card.And that someone gave me so early l0ls.I love this cutie little cards and the presents!.The presents inside is actually a pair of love shapped earring.Its pink in colour,I loveee itt..I will wear it to school yea?.Thanks!



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