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Brother Birthday and Update

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Yesterday called my brother to wish him a very hapy birthday :).My cousins come to sg yesterday too,and I slept around 1.30am.AHHAHHAHA..Im hungry now~
So yesterday,(gosh i said yesterday 5 times already!) kumer take my bag and walk around the class as he’s trying to be funny at that time I was in the toilet.Then blabla,ms jamie come and ask kumer to go outside then my mp3 kana confiscated.Lucky my phone,is still safely in my bag.Btw its a pretty long story then,and in the end I managed to get my mp3 back~~.!
Then,my tuition teacher is very fucked up.Uh short to say,she’s mean meanie and meanie.Know y? ….
HAD a fun chat with my cousins yesterday!
Enough of yesterday post,im not living in the past~!
Today morning we having a combine PE with 1e2 haaahha,it was so horrible.We need to take this fugly little ball which weigh around 3kg.Not just take,we must throw it ya know..and the ball was like so rusty and sooo…not cleann theres a lot of blood.Yes,blood.I mean insects blood though.
Get back my Physics and Maths test and Im so happy that I actually pass both test :))
Have to gambarimas!for the next Chinese,chem and ss tests.After school,went to Long john then I have no money and no mood to eat.Lol,then I went to fork and spoon to pei arthur eat awhile.Then went back long john,chat here n ter…CHANG FEN! x)!
And now I just wanted to sleep..hahaha.


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